SOFTWARE Info 2000 can provide complete application including FORTRAN, 8K and 12K Fundamentals (Extended for Disk), highly effective Text Editor and Word Processor, and Macro-Assembler. Use of all this software is created achievable together with the Information 2000 ADAPTER and Disk Monitor.

DOCUMENTATION Integrated along with your ADAPTER is Assembly Manual, Disk Monitor User's Guide, and Interface Manual.

WARRANTY 90 days. Full service is obtainable soon after your warranty expires.

PRICE $120 Kit replica hublot paypal ............... type xxi u-boat .....$195 Assembled and tested

Use the adapter that PerSci uses in their very own computer systems... the Information 2000 ADAPTER

OR... Buy the full Info 2000 System. Just plug it into your Z-80 pc cheap replica hublot watches . Power on and you are prepared to go.

Includes PerSci Model 277 Dual Drive with case and power supply, PerSci Model 1070 Intelligent Controller with DOS in firmware, Info 2000 ADAPTER and Information 2000 Disk Monitor, which resides in 3 EPROMs. We'll customize our Monitor for your I/O configuration.

Digital Group Owners note: Now you are able to use any RS 232 terminal, modem or printer, because the Info 2000 ADAPTER, which plugs straight into your memory bus, gives you up to two optional RS 232 serial ports.

WARRANTY 90 days. All PerSci warranties and guarantees apply.

PRICE Information 2000 Technique total is just $2,525. Create us for full facts and price tag lists.

INFO 2000 4901 Tara TerraceP.O. Box 3196 Culver City, California 90230 Phone (213) 559-7121

Computer SEX? (Oct, 1977)


COMPUTER SEX Not however... but the Info 2000 ADAPTER MATES the most beneficial HARDWARE to the FINEST Software program.

INFO 2000 ADAPTER and Disk Monitor + PerSci Drives and Intelligent Controller + TDL Software program + your S-100 or Digital Group Z-80 Personal computer = the fastest, most useful microcomputer program for the money.

HARDWARE Interfaces the PerSci Disk Program for your S-100 or Digital Group Z-80 Laptop or computer. The Information 2000 ADAPTER frees all of your memory for your programs by offering space on the interface card for any host operating system and scratch pad RAM. The ADAPTER might be utilized for 8080 computers, but not with Z-80 application.

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